Alongside the Gateway Business Brokers team, Tim Blais has a mission to assist business owners seeking to create and extract maximum value from their company at time of transition. His focus is to set the standards for this industry and truly add value to people’s lives.

Tim Blais

Founder & Chief Instructor

My true passion is and always has been to serve people and business, since grade 4 when I started delivering…

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Ryan Watson

Finance Analyst

Helping Nova Scotian business owners increase the value of their companies and find the right buyer when the time comes…

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Shannon Teranishi

Sales Manager

Shannon Teranishi has held executive roles and has over 16 years of experience creating, leading and executing on…

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Robert Afari

Digital Marketing Manager

Robert is a dedicated, industrious, and knowledgeable team player with years of experience in digital marketing. Originally from…

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Jamie Adamchuk

Executive Business Results Coach

If you’re a new or existing business owner who’s committed to creating radical business success, then there’s only…

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Alex Dorey

Sales Manager

Alex has been working in finance for over a decade and has experience in various lending & insurance markets. He…

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Jillian Dawe

Office Manager

Jillian Dawe has over 15 years of history of driving bottom-line results, leading and managing large-scale teams. She is proficient…

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