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Tim Blais

Founder & Chief Instructor

My true passion is and always has been to serve people and business, since grade 4 when I started delivering newspapers door to door. I love supporting and making a difference in the lives of others, especially the little guy or the underdog, and especially when there is an environment of ownership, accountability, and others truly believing they are deserving and capable of creating meaningful outcomes.  2 years ago I found myself really struggling internally with my purpose. I was making great money brokering businesses, loving the thrill of the deal, growing my expertise, but more stressed out because I was only chasing and working on bigger and bigger deals.  I knew I was serving less people and I was unfulfilled. Those were unsustainable and unacceptable circumstances I had to change. In August of 2019, I was attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery and on day 4, it all clicked. It was clear to me I must turn my 40,000 hours of experience into a platform that could serve at the highest level and deliver the most value to the little guy and the underserved, globally. Born was Business Selling Mastery and now business owners thinking of or ready to sell their business have another option, one where they can access all the tools, resources, a proven process, and expertise while potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars and receiving similar results to those we deliver through our well established full service brokerage, Gateway Business Brokers.


For those who want to keep up to $70k in their pocket instead of paying a broker, now is the time to unlock Business Selling Mastery.