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Shannon Teranishi

Sales Manager

Shannon Teranishi has held executive roles and has over 16 years of experience creating, leading and executing on sales and marketing initiatives in order to increase overall market share. She is proficient in conducting market research, data collection, and competitive analysis while identifying new market opportunities that are in-line with core competencies and capabilities. She is an expert at identifying and capitalizing on key business drivers and growth opportunities and driving new product lines and concepts into existing and unexploited markets. She has also been successfully self-employed as a management consultant for the past decade in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA. During this time, she has consulted for manufacturing organizations that are Tier 1 suppliers to aerospace OEM’s, as well as B2B & B2C organizations in tech, engineering, machining and consumer products industries. Shannon has also co-founded and presides as chairperson for two non-profit organizations; (1) The Brunch Club Los Angeles and (2) Saint The Movement (which is a tandem non-profit to her for-profit online clothing boutique Saint The Brand).


Shannon holds a Bachelor of Business Degree as well as a Marketing Management Technical Diploma with a focus on Entrepreneurship from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Burnaby, BC); a Certificate of Project Management from UC Berkeley Extension (Berkeley, CA); a Certificate of Professional Coaching from Wainwright Global, Inc. Institute of Professional Coaching (Las Vegas, NV); a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation from Canadian Professional Sales Association (Toronto, ON); a Certificate of Leadership and Management as well as a Certificate of Professional Sales Management from Glendale Professional Development College (Glendale, CA).


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